Alexis Tower

Alexis Tower Residence, a high-end residential apartment  building with facilities in the Downtown Jebel Ali district of Dubai. The Building features a unique design that creates a unique look that is unsurpassed in Dubai. Alexis Tower Residence features 8 retail shops and 370 luxurious apartment that offer and unparalleled level of convenience and amenities. Each apartment is delivered with a modern and fresh interior design.

Design Philosophy

The Architectural architecture of Alexis Tower was influenced by the clear efforts of Abu Dhabi to remain contemporary and to follow forward thinking approaches to new developments.

Alexis Tower has a distinctive look that residents can be proud of starting from the high quality exterior finishing to the balcony design to the overall contemporary look of the building.

Project Location

Jebel Ali Town center is located at the heart of Dubai Largest new employment and commercial area. Set along Sheikh Zayed Road between the Jafza, the Port of Dubai and Techno Park, it will become the gateway to Dubai’s new international airport and its surrounding development, with four freeway interchanges and four new light rail stations it will literally become the circulation hub of the western end of the city. The strategic location means that housing, office, retail and entertainment development onsite will fill a growing need in a timely manner. easy access to port, airport, industrial area, and th gulf means that the mixes uae communities of Jebel Ali will be a desirable place to live, work and shop. it is destined to become the urban center of a diverse and fast growing new city.


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